Just Launched! — Understand Your Customers Better

Ever wanted to know your customers demographics? Ever wanted to collect data about your customers interest or you want to know how your customers interacted with your promotions?

Now … it is possible by using iPromogator Merchant Dashboard.

Dashboard Improvements

iPromogator Merchant Dashboard

You can now see different bits of information about your promotions right from the dashboard once you login to your account.

  1. You can see high level statistics about all the customers interactions
  2. In depth insights about your customers demographics
  3. High level idea on how the customers interacted with your promotions

And many more.

Statistics Section

On the left side menu now there will be a new menu section for statistics. This where you will get an in depth insights about your customers, promotions, and their data.

  1. Overview statistics
  2. Demographics
  3. Behavior
  4. Interests

Customers Messages

We have moved customer messages into a new separate section on the left side menu as well. So, if you need to check your customers’ message or reply to one of them you can do that from that section.

If you have any question please contact us via our chat icon on the bottom right.

Enjoy marketing!