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Powerful platform for sharing your promotions, allowing you to reach out new customers and understanding them better.


Get New Customers in Easy 3 Steps

Start getting new customers by sharing your promotions to the world

1. Sign Up

Sign up to start adding your merchant information, branches and your products categories.

2. Add Products

Add your products and manage their categories, images and prices. You can then use them in your promotions. Add them one time, and use them many times.

3. Publish Promotions

Start composing your promotion by using your products. You can select from different promotion types like free text, discount promotions or products catalog.

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Manage your branches, products and share your promotions to the world. Get new customers and understand their behavior. All from one place.

Manage Branches

Adding your branches let your customers reach you out so easily.

  • Select between Street or Mall branches.
  • Define the exact location on map so your customers can reach you out easily.
  • Adding phone numbers gives your customers the ability to call you directly from the mobile app.

Share Promotions

Add your products and share your promotions to your customers.

  • Manage your product catalog.
  • Add free text, discount or product showcase promotions.
  • Schedule promotion and let us share them automatically for you.
  • See exactly how your customers are interacting with your promotion.

Understand Customers

Understand how customers interacted with your promotions. What are their interests? and what about their demographics? Even you can chat with them.

  • Demographics insights
  • Behavior Insights
  • Customer Interests Insights
  • Chat with your customers


Extend the capabilities of your account with integrating with other tools and website like Facebook, Twitter and Zapier. And many more to come.

  • Publish your promotions to Facebook automatically
  • Publish your promotions to Twitter automatically.
  • Use Zapier to publish your promotion to over 750+ apps and tools automatically.

How and why?

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iPromogator is a product by iTarget Development, INC ( It is a complete platform to help merchants market their products using a modern and creative approaches, reach out more new customers and take the appropriate decisions for their marketing campaigns. Also, it will help customers to get best promotions and deals without any hassle based on customers' interests.

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